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Hi there!

Welcome to my Top Home Gym Equipment website. Working out has been a passion of ours for over 8 years and we have purchased numerous products in the fitness world to try to improve our ability to work out at home.

Living at least 45 minutes away from any city/town to get to a gym, we wanted to find our own alternatives instead of making that drive after our long days a work just to work out.

So now we want to give our knowledge to the people who would like to have a home gym of their own!

A Little Bit About My Active Life

Growing up I was always active. Running around with friends, going to the farm, and always getting to be outside. But, as I got older – like everyone else – I quickly came to the realization that being active becomes a little more difficult then getting to run around with your friends.

Withing the past 7 years, my boyfriend and I decided we would like a home gym. Our own space that has all of the equipment we need to reach or maintain our fitness goals, WITHOUT having to leave the comfort of our home after a long day at work. Over this time period we purchased various types of equipment from various places.

We got to know which equipment is best for what, as well as which equipment we didn’t end up needing as much as we originally thought.

Why We Want To Help

Once you’re done school and have to move into “the real world” everything changes.

You don’t have as much time (or energy) to go outside and run around like you did when you were younger. Now, you are tired out from being at work all day. The truth is, all you want to do is slump down onto the couch and not leave the house.

We have been here! Especially when you don’t live somewhere close enough to a gym.

It is hard, but it gets a LOT easier when you have your gym equipment at home with you! So instead of driving 45 mins to town ~ you can use that time to work out!

Over the years having a home gym has proven to be extremely helpful. We live in the country, so if we want to spend any time together ~ going to a gym after work just isn’t an option for us. Having our own gym has meant that we have been able to spend time together, have each other as motivation, and reach our goals together.

We want to help people get to where we are today, with a bit of insite from our journey.

It’s Not About “Having” Time, It’s About Making Time

Making time isn’t always easy… But, when you have a home gym it becomes a lot easier!

So have a look around and if you have anything to share with regards to your home gym journey, we would love to hear it!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be happy to help you out.


Cheers to your home gym journey!


Founder of Top Home Gym Equipment

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