Best way to get fit from home ~ My Advice

Over the years I have tried many ways to reach my goals; whether they were fitness, business or life related and most of the time I was coming up empty-handed. But once I finally realized that no matter what it is that I am trying to achieve ~ It needs to start with ME ~ I started seeing results! So I want to give you some advice that I have found to be the most helpful for the best way to get fit from home!

Regardless of how much you might weigh, what your fitness goals are, or why you want to make a change, always remember that you have to be doing this for you.

Not for anyone else, but for you.

YOU are the key to your own happiness, and YOU are the key to your own success!

Stop Making Excuses.

Do these sound familiar?

” I don’t have enough time ”

” I don’t feel well ”

” I’m too tired ”

” I have too much to do ”

We all make them! But, if you keep in mind why YOU are doing this in the first place, and remind yourself daily what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it ;

You will be amazed at what excuses you can overcome, and how quickly you can start reaching your goals once you become consistent!

You can only have results if you don’t have excuses.


Set Achievable Goals.

When it comes to setting goals people tend to be hard on themselves, which leads to failure! You want to start out small, achievable, and motivating.

Say you want to lose 20 pounds before a big vacation at the end of the year.

These are examples of goals you DO NOT want to set for yourself;

  • Lose 20 pounds
  • Don’t eat carbs
  • Don’t eat sweets
  • Fit into — size
  • Start working out

Here are some examples of goals that you DO want to set for yourself;

  • Count Calories ~ Only eat — calories per day
  • Snack on fruit and veggies instead of sweets
  • Do — minutes of something that elevates your heart rate ( jump rope, walking, jogging )
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day
  • Do — push ups, sit ups, and jumping jacks every day

You want to set goals for your self that you can work on every day, so you can wake up in the morning and follow your list of things that you want / need to do that day. It is much easier to follow a specific goal of eating X amount of calories and to limit your intake, than it is to abruptly stop eating what you would on any other day.

Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.

Make It Easy.

You want to set yourself up for success instead of failure.

So if you plan on working out when you wake up ~ set out your workout attire the night before, so when you wake up it is there and ready to go.


If you want to start eating healthier ~ meal prep your snacks / lunches / dinners so that they are ready to eat when you need them, instead of reaching for something that is quick but unhealthy!


Small daily improvements are the key to long term staggering results.

Push Yourself.

YOU are the master of yourself, you know your limits and what you are capable of. When it comes down to it, you are the one that knows the line and where it needs to be drawn. BUT, to see the results that you want, you are going to need to push yourself.

Push yourself to complete your workouts with everything that you have. Push yourself to eat healthier, and to stick to your daily calorie intake. Push yourself to complete your daily / weekly goals. Push yourself to be the best that you can be.

There will be struggles, times that you want to give up and just eat that big donut in the bakery window, but if you are able to push yourself past those points you will never regret it! You will look back and be so proud of yourself and what you were able to accomplish!

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.


Don’t Aim For Perfection, Aim For Success.

Achieving your fitness goals ( Or any goals as a matter of fact ) is almost impossible to do PERFECTLY. Everyone slips up here and there, we are human and its just what happens.

BUT, when you truly want to be successful you will get back on track and hold yourself responsible for achieving your goals. Make sure the standards that you have set for yourself are measurable and realistic. You want to have short term goals that work towards completing your long term goals in the near future!

The process of achieving your goals can be a very long journey, so if you are dreading going through your everyday routine then you are far less likely to succeed. If one of your goals is being active, you need to find activities that you enjoy doing! Face it, if you tell yourself you are going to go for a run every day when you actually hate running, what are the chances that you are faithfully going to go on a run Every. Single. Day? Probably pretty darn slim right?! So instead find something that you enjoy to do! You can jump rope like back when you were a kid, run around your yard with your kids or your dog, heck, turn the music videos on and dance!


Never lose sight of the goals you have made ~ When you reach them it is a feeling of so much joy and accomplishment that YOU were able to do YOURSELF.

“Success will be within your reach only when you start reaching out for it”
Stephen Richards


8 thoughts on “Best way to get fit from home ~ My Advice”

  1. These are some great tips here. One of the mistakes I see many make as it relates to weight loss is setting goals that are too lofty and in most cases they will not achieve. When this happens it is much easier to quit.

    I liked your example of goals that should be set. Consistent effort and a no quit attitude is key. If you want to lose weight, in most cases it comes down to exercise and a healthy diet. If you stay consistent with those two, you are well on your way.

    Thanks for sharing a great resource.

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for your insights! I absolutely agree that those issues you listed above are the same ones I’ve had when I started working out. Now that I work out regularly, it’s not so much an issue anymore. However, getting started is the tough part. I think it has to do with building habits. It’s amazing once I started building that workout habit that I didn’t have to think about it anymore. Thank you for your post!

    1. Hi Bobby,
      Yes, once that routine/habit is there it is much easier to get your workout done!
      Thanks for your comment,

  3. I think I always want to skip my exercise routine due to the highest goal that I had set. Your article makes me realize that we should set the achievable goal. Now instead of 1 hour per day, I think I will only set 20 to 30 minutes time for exercise. Do you think 30 minutes per day will be enough?

    1. Hi there!
      Thank you for your comment! I think that 30 minutes a day would be a great place to start. Once you are in the routine of completing your workout daily, making your workouts longer should become easier. Also you could set goals of doing x amount of reps per x amount of sets for each exercise to keep your mind off of how long you are working out for!
      Hope this helps!
      Thanks again,

      1. 😎 cool ! Very helpful, and I love that you turn a slip off course to a healthy alternative that works for the whole family’s motivation-instead of lazy time & junk food .. playtime and fun *+ healthy snacks .. you show how to include family into a health routine !!! ☝️

        1. Thank you ! I have had many “slips” off course and starting over just doesn’t work! Making things easy for yourself, and setting small achievable goals can help you to stay on track and to stay motivated!
          Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my posts, I am glad you are able to “take something” from my posts and hopefully apply them to your life to achieve your goals ~ Whether they are fitness related or not! 😉

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