How To Home Gym ~ Getting Started

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Having a home gym of your own sounds great doesn’t it ?! But it also sounds like a pain in the butt to get started, right?


The process may take some time… But in the end it is so worth it! Think of all the time you are going to save by working out at home, how much easier it will be to motivate yourself to do that workout when everything you need is right there!


There are no rules telling you that you can’t do it over a period of time! Start with the essentials and work your way up.

So, here is your How To Home Gym guide to help you get started!

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Designate a Space

You want to find an area where you have lots of room to work with. It may be a spare bedroom, and office, the basement, or your garage! It doesn’t need to be perfect, and it doesn’t need to be huge, but it needs to be clear so you have room.

Once you have found an area to designate as your home gym you can start decorating. Yes, I said decorating! Not the usual decorating you would do in a house… but the motivating kind. Make it fun, make it a space that gets you motivated!

This can be anything from putting up motivational messages and posters, to assigning a wall to write down all of your goals!

Check out my post on getting motivated to find some ideas!

Think Of Your Goals

What are your goals? What equipment do you want? What is your budget? Where do you want to start? These are important questions you want to ask yourself to figure out how to get started!

Fitness goals are a great place to start. They will help you pick out the equipment that you might want to get started with! If you are on a budget (which most of us ~ INCLUDING ME!! ~ are), then you likely aren’t able to buy every piece of equipment that you want all at once. There are also plenty of options to do in regard to working out until you are able to get that one piece of equipment that you might want.

For example ;

~ Are you looking to bulk up? Dumb bells or a bench press might be a great place for you to start!

~ Do you want to lose weight? A Piece of cardio equipment might be best for you?

Be smart when starting your gym on a budget! Do you have a list of things that you REALLY want to get ASAP?

Go over your list, what are things that you can live without right now? (You could go for a walk / run or jump rope for your cardio!)

Write a List

It might just be me… But I find lists to be extremely helpful!

This is where you can write down your home gym goals, what equipment do you want to work towards getting?

Make a list of the equipment you want from number one being “I NEED it ASAP” down to “I would like this piece of equipment eventually”.

Getting Started

This is the best part. Seeing your home gym come together the way you have planned it out is extremely satisfying and motivating!

Here are some great options to start out with!

  1. Foam or Rubber Mats ~ These are a must if your home gym is somewhere with solid flooring. These mats will not only save your floor, but they will save your equipment in case something falls, or if you have heavy equipment sitting in one spot!
    You have a few different options – Heavy duty “real gym” tiles or Cheaper and but still efficient enough tiles.
  2. Resistance Bands ~ Resistance training with bands is also great on days “off” or even for while your watching TV!
  3. Adjustable Dumbbells ~ I love these in our home gym, they save the troubles of having a bunch of sets of different size weights sitting around to trip on or get in the way! They are the perfect addition to a home gym and a perfect place to get started!
  4. Chin up bar ~ This is a perfect tool that you can use in a few different ways! You can also find a few different options. If you are just looking for a chin up/pull up bar to put in a door way-great! You can also find chin up/dip/leg raise stations all in one! (Personally, these are my favourite! My boyfriend takes advantage of the chin up side while I am doing my dips/leg raises ~ AT THE SAME TIME!~ Sooooo Handy!)
  5. All-In-One System ~ (Apart from our mats) This is the product that we got started with in our home gym! There are obviously some systems better then others… but when you are just getting started SOMETHING is better then nothing! You can also choose which system has the right exercises for you!

These are just a few items that ~ from experience ~ I think are a great place to start when it comes to getting started on your own home gym!

And Your Off!

Now that you know the “How To Home Gym : Getting Started” basics, you are ready to take off running !! Having your own home gym is very exciting as well as a great addition to any household!

I hope that this can be helpful on your adventures of adding a home gym into your lifestyle! Stay tuned for more advice, more equipment, and more of me!

*If you are interested in purchasing any of the items I have listed above, check out these products on Amazon and have them shipped right to your door!*



AmazonBasics EVA Foam Interlocking Exercise Gym Floor Mat Tiles – Pack of 6, 24 x 24 x .5 Inches, Black
(Cheapest option $29.53)

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles, Black, 144 sq. ft.
(Cheapest bundle option $163.12)

Sivan Health and Fitness Soft Rubber Interlocking Gym Tiles (6 Tiles), Black
(“Real gym tile” option $110.20)

Resistance Bands;

Resistance Bands – Pull up Bands – Exercise Loop Band for Body Stretching, Powerlifting, Resistance Training – Single Band – Red (5-35 Lbs)

TheFitLife Exercise and Resistance Bands Set – Stackable up to 110 lbs Workout Tubes for Indoor and Outdoor Sports, Fitness, Suspension, Speed Strength, Baseball Softball Training, Home Gym, Yoga

Adjustable Dumbbells;

Bowflex 100182 SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

Chin Up Bar / Combo Options;

Perfect Basic Pullup ($28.64)

Weider WEBE99712 Power Tower

OneTwoFit Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Power Tower Set Chin Up Station Home Gym Workout Strength Training Equipment Fitness Dip Stand Supports to 330 Lbs OT076

OneTwoFit Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Chin Up Exercise Bar Gym Dip Station Home Full Body Trainer with Punching Bag Eyelet for Boxing Power Ropes OT066

All-In-One System

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym
This is the exact machine that we started out with around 7 years ago. It was the perfect machine for us as we were getting started… but will need upgraded as you get stronger. To this day we still use it ~ but instead of as our full workout, it is now used as our “cool down”!

  • There are many different all-in-one systems to choose from so you just really have to do your own research to see if one would be right for you ~ and which one would be right for you ! Just for fun, here is an example of a “higher end” system with all of the bells and whistles;

Marcy Smith Cage Machine with Workout Bench and Weight Bar Home Gym Equipment SM-4008

Thanks so much for reading, and if you have any questions or comments don’t be afraid to leave them below!

Bye for now,


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